Childaid Network

Project integration in Kumbu is running


Aug 18


These days, two project coordinators of the Childaid Network Foundation are preparing their trip to Nepal. On this trip they will also stop in Kumbu-Kasthali and take a look at the developments on site. The current status of the various project activities, the planned support of a model school, the visit of some sponsored children and the evaluation of existing processes are among the planned work assignments of the team.

Since 1996 the projects of the Kronberger Verein Initiative Kronberg 96 for one World e.V. have focused on the nine settlements in Kumbu-Kasthali. With its work on site, the “Verein” has already achieved considerable success in the past. Among other projects, the school enrollment rate for children increased from 30-40% to 95-100%.

This was made possible by the support of numerous citizens of Kronberg who, for example, have given financial support as part of the sponsorship program of the association. The continuation of the achievements and the continuous further development of the project is the goal of the integration of the Kronberg project into the Nepal project of the Königstein foundation Childaid Network. Based on a long-standing partnership between the two institutions, in which synergies could already be exploited, the aforementioned change was legally implemented in July of this year and the organizational and financial responsibility was fully transferred to Childaid Network. This step was approved by the previous general meeting of the Kronberger Verein without a dissenting vote.

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