Childaid Network

Violence in Assam: Several project regions affected


Dec 19


Since 10 December, there have been massive protests and outbreaks of violence in north-east India. Our project regions are directly affected. The trigger is the new Citizen Amendment Bill (CAB). The law regulates who can become an Indian citizen and how quickly, or who can keep Indian citizenship.

Immigrants of religious minorities will have accelerated access to citizenship if they are not of Muslim faith. However, this possibility is denied to 500,000 Muslims, some of whom have lived in the region for decades.

This regulation generates considerable resistance, especially among the indigenous peoples of north-east India, who are generally afraid of alienation. With large protest marches, they express the importance of development for them.

Public life has come to a standstill in many parts of the region. Buses and trains do not run, the internet keeps failing and the government has imposed a curfew. Exams in many schools where Childaid Network is active have been postponed.

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