Childaid Network

Together we fight for children’s rights and education!


More than 100 million children worldwide do not have the possibility to go to school. 250 million can neither read nor write. But education opens many pathways out – not just in terms of their economic perspectives, but also regarding their personal development and independence.

Childaid Network supports children and young adults living in the most remote parts of South Asia. With the help of many volunteering professionals, engaged local partners and a dedicated personal supervision, we want to ensure that children in need get their chance to help themselves.

No life on charity, but the first step into a secured and self-determined future.


Who we are

We are a predominantly volunteer-based but professional team. We collaborate with well-established local partners both here and in our project regions. We supervise all our projects personally and ensure that your donations arrive exactly where intended.

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How we help

Our goal is to provide young people without access to education with structural and long-term support – reaching from crèche facilities to vocational training. Your online-donation has a direct impact, since we always invest the full amount.

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Where we help

Our projects are located in some of the most remote and impoverished areas in the world.

Childaid Network – Together we fight for children’s rights and education!

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  • Colorful Project Talk – You are cordially invited!

On November, 15th 2018 starting at 6 pm, project coordinators, volunteers and partners present the latest developments in our project work with current reports, pictures and films and answer your questions. We look forward to your registration! Details can be found here The Childaid Network ambassador and popular radio presenter Daniel Fischer will be on […]

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  • One year after the “Ein Herz für Kinder” event

One year ago our project for street children was presented in the big “Ein-Herz-für-Kinder” gala on ZDF. With prominent support, we succeeded in gaining much attention for the street children of the Indian City of Guwahati. Since then a lot has happened. Many of the children go to school today, a new orphanage has been […]

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Vorsitz Stiftungsrat Childaid Network
  • Wolfgang Kirsch übernimmt Vorsitz des Stiftungsrats von Dr. Thomas Kreuzer

Nach fünf Jahren hat Dr. Thomas Kreuzer, der Vorsitzende des Stiftungsrats von Childaid Network, diese Rolle turnusmäßig weitergegeben. Neu gewählt wurde Wolfgang Kirsch, der zum Jahreswechsel 2018/2019 wurde als Vorsitzender des Vorstands der DZ Bank verabschiedet wurde. Auf der letzten Stiftungsratssitzung vor wenigen Tagen würdigte Dr. Martin Kasper, ehrenamtlicher Vorstand von Childaid Network, die besonderen Verdienste […]

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