25th „Königsteiner Salon“ – With Mrs. Richter

Hello everybody,
As the photo shows, our 25th „Königsteiner Salon“ was well visited again. Nearly 100 guests had come to see Mrs. Richter’s speech. The weather was on our side so that the sunny terrace and the clear view from the house of the encounter could be used well. Thanks to the hospitality of the Ronnefeldt team, we had exquisite tea – especially the morning dew iced tea was a treat on the warm evening. The party company has again subsidized us and provided small delicacies at low cost. The prudent team with Mrs. Dilger, Mrs. Kiesl and the young ladies and gentlemen of Amguri AG served the guests‘ well-being. There was a lot of positive feedback. Many thanks to all who have put their trust in us!

The press was fully represented, so I will save myself the content summary here and refer to the publications in the next days. Nevertheless, it remains to be noted that the audience was captivated by Mrs. Richter’s concentrated eloquence and profound knowledge. Her positive and constructive view of the developments – without negating challenges and difficulties – have particularly impressed us. The discussion also deepened into difficult topics. Once again, we showed how committed, knowledgeable and reflective our audience is.

I also remember that around 10 years after the founding of Childaid Network, a large and committed network has come together that pulls strongly together. Over this period, it has succeeded in mobilizing talents, multipliers, activists and consultants from many areas – and for the good cause. The positive words from Mrs. Richter to Childaid Network about donations and commitment being well invested, the core team naturally was very pleased.

It was a successful start of our jubilee year.

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