Vitae Nicolai Friedrich

Foto: Sebastian Konopik

Born in 1976, born in Offenbach, world champion of mental magic


Married, two children, lives in Bad Homburg / Taunus


The limits of our imagination are the limits of our world.

About Nicolai

Nicolai not only conjures, he enchants. He captivates with his charisma, his charm and his comedic talent. The pleasure and enjoyment of his work is always noticeable and transmits to his audience. His repertoire ranges from selected classical masterpieces by old masters to newly developed original creations that no other magician in the world demonstrates. Apparently effortless Nicolai suspends the laws of nature.

Nicolai is not only a magician, but also a mentalist. This form of magic goes far beyond conventional magic and lets viewers believe in supernatural abilities.


– Abitur at the St. Liobar Gymnasium in Bad Nauheim (Wetteraukreis)

– Law degree with two predicate exams and a Master (L.LM.) in Frankfurt and Mainz

– Admission as a lawyer with a focus on „Media Law“


Nicolai likes to swim and run, he is also a hobby pilot

Awards, prizes and honors

– Winner of the ARTIST ALLSTARS AWARDTM as Artist of the Year in the section Illusion, 2010

– Best performance in the supreme discipline of mental magic, World Championship of the Magicians in Beijing, 2009

– Second Best Performance in the Mental Magic Division at the World Cup in Lisbon, 2009

– David Copperfield acquires the US television rights to Nicolai Friedrich’s „The Smile of Mona Lisa,“ 1999

– Winners of the Siegfried & Roy »Sarmoti Award« in Las Vegas, 1998

– Performances in The Magic Castle in Hollywood

– Mage of the year with the group „The Finished Fingers“, 1997

– German vice-champion of card art, since June 1996

– Special Prize of the Magic Circle Berlin, 1995

– Winner of the International Prix Juventa, place in the category „card magic“, 1994

– Winner of the German Championship in the category »Close-up Magic«, 1993

Why Nicolai is committed to Childaid Network

„The personal commitment and quality of Childaid Network’s work has convinced me. It’s so easy and so badly needed to give children a chance for a better future! “

How Nicolai works for Childaid Network

Nicolai conjures for the Friends of Childaid Network and promotes in its network for the projects of the Foundation.

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