Interview with Nicolai Friedrich

What do you eat for breakfast?
One of my favorite recipes is a pancake consisting of only 2 eggs and a banana. No flour, no sugar, healthy and really yummy ?

Where do you buy your clothes?
I have few fixed addresses – except for my suits, so I go to Abaci to Frankfurt. Otherwise, I shop spontaneously, e.g. when I am in a city and have some time to stroll.

Does it lift your mood when you shop?
Yes, if I have discovered something especially beautiful or unusual; even if I bargain.

What is the oldest garment in your closet?
There are a few pieces that I have not been able to separate from, such as a fine Asian-style suit or a black frock coat. Some of these parts are over 20 years old and still fit ?.

What was your biggest fashion sin?
There are some of them. In my attempted balancing act between smart and original, there have been some missteps. I really remember a few shirts in the Versace style. I think clothing should not look like a costume, but should be authentic.

Do you wear jogging pants at home?
In any case, I have no problem at all!

Do you have style role models?
Sometimes I get inspired by pictures in magazines, but I have no concrete style icon.

Have you ever made a piece of clothing or a piece of furniture yourself?
I have already redesigned clothes and furniture, but have always used an existing piece as a basis.

Do you own a complete service?
I think so, if not again unnoticed a cup or saucer has broken.

With which home-cooked food could you impress friends?
Whenever I cook (which unfortunately is far too rare for lack of time), I like to look for something more elaborate recipes with which I can give an impression. Recently it was a Thai curry à la Jamie Oliver. Or my (self-collected) porcini à la crème, which is a simple recipe, but tastes awesome!

Which newspapers and magazines do you read?
I actually read newspaper and magazines. Stern, Spiegel, Focus or Bunte depending on the topic I`m interested in. Most often I read the Zeit, but also sporadically FAZ or Süddeutsche.

Which websites and blogs do you read?
If I want to inform myself quickly or get an overview, I look at or Spiegel-Online. I do not have a solid blog!

When did you last write a letter by hand?
Oh dear, that was a long time ago, does a postcard count? That was last year’s summer vacation, I think!

Which book has impressed you the most in your life?
A magic textbook in which it goes about modern Close up magic. This book has shaped me and my art of magic early and influenced until today!

Your favorite first names?
As a man’s name I think Theodor is very beautiful and as a woman’s name Yasmin.

Your favorite movie?
Actually, I’ve always wanted to become a Jedi Knight, so I’m a big fan of the old Star Wars movies, and I still enjoy watching them today.

Do you feel freer with or without a car?
Definitely with car. It’s a great way to travel that flexibly. I could hardly do without that!

Do you wear a watch?
No. I take a look on my smartphone to check what time it is, and a watch as a jewel or status symbol has never been particularly appealing to me.

Do you wear jewelry?
I wear a necklace and sometimes a bracelet in the summer.

Do you have a favorite fragrance?
For summer, Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford is my current favorite fragrance.

What is your biggest talent?
I think, my biggest talent is the magic! It has always been my passion to amaze and excite people.

What’s your biggest weakness?
I tend to get bogged down by starting too many projects at the same time and / or running them in parallel. Then I’m still impatient – this is not an ideal combo ?.

How can you be pleased?
A great show can inspire me, be it a concert or artistry like that of Cirque du Soleil.

What is your best small talk topic?
I used to be the Golden Winegrower of the Palatinate, so wine is an interesting and complex topic for me. Or good food. For example, Asian street food or the incredible variety of Indian cuisine, I can talk about that for hours, preferably with a glass of wine ?.

Are you superstitious?
One should not be superstitious, because that brings bad luck. I think of it as the physics Nobel laureate Nils Bohr, who was approached by his colleagues on why he had a horseshoe hanging over his door as a lucky charm. He answered that he had heard that it also helps if you do not believe in it ?.

Where did you spend your best vacation?
The garden route in South Africa followed by a safari was unforgettable!

Where do you spend your next vacation?
In Andalusia near Jerez de la Frontera.

What do you drink for dinner?
I enjoy a non-alcoholic beer or a glass of wine mostly in this order.


Thank you for the interview!

(The questions were taken from the interview sheet of the F.A.Z magazine – Thank you for the kind support)

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