Vocational Training

Without income the charming people of Northeast India have no positive perspectives for their lives in spite of their talents, energy and ambitions Without formal education they are shut out of the booming Indian job market and at risk of being recruited by one of the many underground movements. The colorful dances and the rich tribal traditions will die out, if they cannot find sustainable living conditions in the rural areas. Therefore, we strive to offer them local vocational training options and access to regular income. With highly qualified teachers we establish decentralized vocational training centers. Over six months we teach them the basics of weaving, tailoring, embroidery or other trades that have a local market. The simple infrastructure will be provided by the village communities or built with little investment – as can be seen here in this new tailoring workshop. Learning is joyful and leads to first income fast. After 3-6 months all apprentices master a basic set of skills. Already then the centers can present a first set of attractive products.


Putting down roots in the job market

In order to escape poverty permanently, the regular income of a good job is indispensable. Therefore, Childaid Network invests into the training of young people. In Northeast India, there is a high supply of unemployed young people. However, few of them have had the benefit of technical or commercial training. To enable young people to obtain such qualifications, Childaid Network offers a variety of training programs. All models are based on the principle of helping people to help themselves. We place great emphasis on ensuring that our facilities can sustain themselves in the long term.

[infobox style=“alert-block“]As many as 300 million young people will enter the Indian labor market in the next two decades. Only 8 to 9 percent of them have sufficient skills to enter the job market.

A self-supporting model with a strong social impact

The initial investment for small vocational and production centers is provided through a micro-credit arrangement. The supported mini-entrepreneurs can thus build their own businesses and also commit to giving several young people a chance to receive training and become employed. In addition, we have implemented the dual training / work concept in four medium-sized vocational training centers. There we combine training courses with a craft or trade, such as tailoring or metal working. This allows the centers to earn their operating costs and the cost of training without charging trainees high tuition fees. Simultaneously we help the trainees to develop their personality and acquire some business skills. This facilitates them setting up their own business and becoming successfully self-employed.

Location of vocational training centers in Assam (Northeast India)

[button url=“donate“ new_tab=““ download_btn=““ button_style=“btn-danger“ button_size=““]It takes 75-100 Euro
in net-training costs to qualify a young person for a trade or craft.
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Childaid Network supported 2017:

  • 1.342 trainees in
    20 trades and crafts
  • 6.710 family members benefiting indirectly
  • 80 small businesses with apprentices
  • 1 newly built large technical center
  • 2 newly set-up training centres for web-design

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With a loan of 2,500 EUR Cicilia set out to build her own weaving business with as many as 11 looms. Since 2013 she has trained 20 young women, and she provides 6 weavers with permanent employment. [/infobox]


[icon size=“tiny“ image=“fa fa-external-link-square“] An integral approach combining training and production

[icon size=“tiny“ image=“fa fa-external-link-square“] Purchasing and distribution organized in a single co-operative

[icon size=“tiny“ image=“fa fa-external-link-square“]  Intensive supervision and continuous training of small business owners

[icon size=“tiny“ image=“fa fa-external-link-square“] Trainees are offered supplemental business training

[icon size=“tiny“ image=“fa fa-external-link-square“] Pilots for new trades and crafts

[icon size=“tiny“ image=“fa fa-external-link-square“] Build on successes and follow local demand


(Production centres in Upper Assam, October 2017)

(Vocational training centres in Lower Assam, October 2013)

(Video of the project partner DBI, 2011)

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