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What is Childaid Network all about? What’s important for us and how do we work? Answers to these and a lot more questions in this Q&A!


What does Childaid Network do?

Childaid Network is a medium-sized, independent and ideologically neutral children’s charity, which presently provides access to education and training for needy children and young people in four countries of South Asia (Northeast India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar). In 2019, more than 50,000 children and young people and more than 2,000 teachers and multipliers were directly supported in more than 30 education and child rights projects at over 670 project locations and well over €2 million was invested in projects.

Who is behind Childaid Network?

Childaid Network was founded in 2007 by the couple Dr. Cladders/Dr. Kasper with their own capital as a foundation with legal capacity to help children in need. Today the honorary board of directors consists of the founder and two managers with many years of experience. More than 150 volunteers of all age groups are involved in the team. Over 10,000 people, many sponsors and companies support the projects.

What is special about the projects of Childaid Network?

Childaid Network cares for the poorest of the poor regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion. Sustainable project concepts are developed and implemented with (currently 37) strong partners in the target countries. Instead of handouts, the projects help people to help themselves and demand local contributions from the beneficiaries, companies and the state. Most of the funding goes into the salaries of teachers, social workers and project managers, while little is invested in buildings. The impact is evaluated in a timely manner.

How are the projects accompanied?

The foundation accompanies the projects personally. It inspires, motivates and monitors the partners and measures the project results. Voluntary experts help to improve the concepts. Pro Bono consultants work on site. More than 190 multipliers, journalists and photographers have gained their own impression and reported positively on the project, even paying their
own travel expenses.

Which key figures describe the projects impact?

From 2007 to 2019, over 12 million € were invested in the projects – more than 180,000 young people were directly supported. For example, more than 30,000 young people without basic education have learned to read and calculate, tens of thousands benefit from quality support programsfor state schools, about 18,000 young people have learned a profession, 6,000 children born in refugee camps and about 10,000 street children have been integrated into school and work.

What are the administrative costs of Childaid Network?

Thanks to the great voluntary commitment and generous donations such as office space, graphics or postage, Childaid Network only needs 8% of its income for administration, donor support, fundraising and public relations. 92% of the income goes directly to the projects (as of 2019).

How is Childaid Network controlled?

The foundation is non-profit. The foundation is audited annually by the foundation supervisory authority and the tax office. The auditors of Baker Tilly AG audit and certify processes, accounting and financial statements on an annual basis. A currently 11-member foundation board with top-class executives monitors and accompanies the work of the foundation. The foundation reports transparently: the annual report and website present detailed information.

What awards has Childaid Network received?

Already in 2011, Childaid Network was selected from 1,800 foundations as the best foundation in the state of Hessen. In 2012, the foundation was a charity partner of the Rheingau Music Festival and in 2013 of “Aktion F.A.Z.-Leser-helfen”. In 2017 the work of Childaid Network was shown in the ZDF TV-Gala „Ein Herz für Kinder“. The foundation is the exclusive CSR partner of a number of large companies. It is rated as particularly worthy of support by neutral auditors such as the DZI.

Would you like to get involved with Childaid Network?

In order to give all children a good future, it needs the contribution of many. We are happy about everyone who contributes to our vision with time, ideas or their network. If you would like to get involved with us or are planning a fundraising campaign for children in need, please get in touch, we are happy to help.

You want to know more? Go ahead and take a look around our website! All the important documents, project reports, and all editions of our own magazine „Durchblick“ can be found in the General Information Section.

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