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The rights of the photos belong to Childaid Network, unless stated otherwise.
The use of these images is prohibited without the express written permission of Childaid Network.

We thank the photographers who have made their pictures available free of charge for the use on our web page.

Sibylle Bach
Gerhard Bayer
Stephan Braubach
Wolfgang Eilmes (FAZ)
Robert Ewers
Dr. Martin Kasper
Friedemann Loch
Malte Martensen
Dr. Ute Nieschalk
Christiane Paiement-Gensrich
Claudia Passow
Craig Pusey
Familie Ramsay
Roger Richter
Annegret und Helmut Rüger
Jan Runge
Luise Sanders
Sarah Sommer
Bernd Weisbrod
Dr. Karl-Heinz Zinnecker

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