Quality Education in Assam

Quality Education for poor and marginalized children in Northeast India

97% of children are enrolled in school, but don’t learn

India is offering free education to every child until the age of 14. However, as a result of a lack of teaching quality in public schools, children do not even learn the basics. Parents in the villages have often not gone to school themselves. This leads to a situation in which teachers barely come to school, classes are not held and children are hardly learning anything. As a result, many children drop out from school very early in their life.

Our Vision is that every child receives a free quality education

By considering all of the fails and loop-holes in the public schools, we have taken up a number of initiatives to improve the public schools in Northeast India – starting in Assam.

Science lab – in a Box

There are not many qualified teachers for subjects like Science, Math and English in rural Assam. Typically, public schools don’t have any science materials and it’s most difficult for the children to understand the concepts without any practical experience. Our partner in Assam has come up with an innovative way to bring low-cost science labs to the schools and train the teachers on-the-job. Children have made tremendous improvements by learning in a practical and fun way.

Involving different Stakeholders

We believe that communities are the strongest fighters of their own problems. Most often they are not aware how to tackle their problems and don’t know which rights they actually have. There are official committees which are supposed to supervise the school and make school development requests to the government. Our partners work with the School Management Committees, the parents and mother groups to improve the school management and to hold the government accountable.

Education through Joyful and Playful Learning

Children learn most when they enjoy what they do. Unfortunately, education in India is still mainly based on rote learning and quite discipline in the class. Our partners in Assam are using knowledge and activities of reformative pedagogy and came up with better session design, communication practices and improved teaching- and learning materials. Teachers are being trained and supported to make the classrooms livelier and joyful for the children.

Project locations of our partner schools in Assam

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public schools improved

Teachers trained

students improved learning levels

Highlights 2017

  • expanded programme to 2 new schools
  • developed new TLM
  • started kitchen gardening in schools
  • selected new partners and schools for 2018/19

Project Budget 2017/18

We require a total of 145,000 Euro to work with 150 schools and improve the learning levels of 15,000 students in Assam. Funds are mainly used for training the teachers and coordinating the work.

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