Protection for traumatised girls


Protection and trauma processing for girls

The level of violence against girls in India is still appalling. Every day girls are abducted, raped or are victims of domestic violence. For many, it is impossible to process what they have experienced. Without help, they remain trapped in their fears for a lifetime.

Care and comfort helps the girls to participate in life again

With a new centre in Bongaigaon we offer protection and professional help to girls who have had traumatic experiences. With attention and individual care they are looked after and their development is supported.

Education, sport and play are on the daily schedule

Together with other affected girls they take part in lessons and meals. Their daily schedule also includes dancing and singing lessons, sports and fitness, and recreation times. In regular discussions with trained child psychologists, they are helped to cope with their personal trauma.


5.000 Girls with our child rights projects
3 Centres especially for girls

Sister Therese

Head of the centre for traumatised girls

„The girls are supported and comforted with great empathy. We observe their physical, mental and cognitive development and support them in their interests.“

Expansion of project work in 2021

From Bogaigaon we want to bring children’s rights to all villages in lower Assam: All children should go to school. No child should be married before the age of 18. Child labour must be stopped, any violence against children must be punished. Children must no longer become victims of traffickers.

Local alliances raise awareness of children’s rights

To this end, we have allied ourselves with several local organizations. Together we are developing children’s clubs in the villages and mobilizing parents to achieve a broad understanding of children’s rights. We involve the local authorities and explain to the children where they can find protection and help if they feel threatened. Our aim is to raise awareness of child protection in every village and police station and to make sure that child protection mechanisms work.

Securing children’s rights

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Locations of our homes and centres for girls

Their life should be worth living again

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