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Our permanent mission: Provide children access to education

Official studies prove: Education is very effective in fighting poverty and disease. Therefore, we help children without access to education to learn reading and writing and offer youths without formal qualifications enrolment in vocational training. We work in close cooperation with local leaders and experienced partner organizations.

Our projects reach out to many

  • 8,161 children and youths in
  • 234 evening schools get a second chance to learn
  • 5,285 refugee children attend our barefoot schools
  • 1,800 young people per year are trained in our vocational training centres
  • 1,700 street children in Guwahati attend our bridge courses

Our projects bring sustainable change

We require local communities to contribute to our projects. In parallel to conducting the schools, we drive to change the awareness of the village communities on the value of education. And we support the village elders in their battle for state support for their schools.

Schools for Nepal