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Reconstruction in Nepal has begun

Schüler in Nepal am Great Himalaya Trail


Feb 16


Reconstruction in Nepal has begun

Governmental and supranational organizations worldwide had promised around 4.000.000$ for reconstruction in Nepal’s earthquake stricken regions. Money that to a large extent has not arrived yet. Riots, lack of administrative infrastructure but also corruption and logistic problems worsen the situation. But our team is active and ready to advance.

Our foundation’s chairman Dr. Martin Kasper personally visited Nepal in December 2015 in order to balance out our work with the governmental efforts, strengthen the tam and advance with the planned action. It is starting now: The children’s house is now earthquake-proof and ready to reopen. And this year, 6 model schools are to be opened in Bhandar  – built after the building-block principle. Facilitating successful learning experiences with bright and warm classrooms, they will give room to primary school students who are to be taught in a multi-grade-multi-level manner – tailored to the heterogeneous and small learning groups of the different mountain villages. We are happy to announce that the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development plans on augmenting the budget for this project.