From the refugee camp to the model school

Where ten years ago bamboo huts were still standing, a large school building has now been built. Today, 600 children from Amguri attend the school run by our partner, the Salesians of Don Bosco. In addition to Childaid Network, other partners such as the German Doctors and the Taunusgymnasium in Königstein participated in the development of the school.

Several times Childaid Network volunteers have been teaching locally. This is how a model school was created, where 30 to 50 young people graduate every year. There is a boarding school for boys and girls and exemplary playgrounds and sports fields. During a visit in February 2018, the children inspired us with a moving program of dances, musical performances and sketches. The subsequent sports festival testifies to the good development of the young people. Right next door is the Vocational Training Center we have sponsored. Here, 130 apprentices learn a crafting profession. Despite the successes that have been achieved, both projects continue to require additional resources to improve teaching equipment and student accommodation.

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