eLearning for Teachers and Students

eLearning – a Vision for the remote areas of Northeast India

Childaid Network finances 700 wages for social workers and teachers each month and reaches around 30.000 children and adolescents directly in schooling projects. Still: Good teachers in rural areas are scarce. Getting actualized and good school books into the villages and organizing further professional training for the teachers are immense logistical efforts. The closest libraries are a daytrip away.

It seems obvious to thus make use of recent developments in digital education in order to facilitate workshops for teachers and successful learning for students. Accenture specializes in digital technology and the company supports Childaid Network for years already. Now we want to advance eLearning projects together, with Accenture providing not only budgets, but also man-power.

Focusing on a small social work college in Jorhat, Assam, we will now jointly develop contents, processes and tools to pilot this idea. Teacher are to be enabled to watch good videos and use other facilities to develop their own skills. Taking into account the irregular power and internet supply in the regions, we also want to provide teachers with resources for creative classes regularly. Additionally, the students then have more than just one teacher since they can ‘visit’ digital schools as well. At the same time, we want to form a group of specialists working on the broader realization of this project. It is still but a vision – hopefully reality soon.

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