Blankets, tarpaulins and medication on their way to Bhandar

I could reach Anup per phone just now. He stated:
Still, we don’t receive a lot of information from Bhandar, but the first power lines could be re-erected. We hope that we can call them any time soon. There weren’t too many casualties but severe destruction.

We could purchase blankets, tarps and medication with the first donations that came in. Tomorrow (Sunday) we will try to take everything to Bhandar – with a special transportation. Sujan organized everything – we had to be quite ingenious to be able to buy this supply, the tarps in particular, because just now, everyone is in need of those.

When we arrive, we will ascertain what else is needed and take pictures to report the current situation.

Martin Kasper

[one_half] loaded jeep 2 [/one_half] [one_half] loaded jeep [/one_half]

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