A success story from our evening schools in Assam

Samel shows his rice mill.
Samel shows his rice mill.

We would like to share a story we received some time ago:

Samel Bhengra was happy to be able to go to school for a couple of years. But since the family’s savings did not suffice to pay his further education, he went to work as day laborer from grade 4 onwards – just like his parents and many of his coevals. In 2008, an evening school financed by Childaid Network opened up in his village Basbari. To his joy, the school accepted him despite him being a dropout. Samel graduated after four years of working from dawn to dusk and studying at night.

With the help of his own acquired skills and newly found self-confidence, he opened up a small shop, even being able to successively expand – thanks to his friendliness and entrepreneurial spirit: He now also owns a repair service for bikes and a rice mill in the backyard of his shop. With his yields he does not only support his family but even finances the schooling of his younger sister. Recently, he married. Today he says: “I thought the doors to education would remain locked for me – but then this school opened them again.” Now, Samel is a role model for many in similar situations.

This is one of the many success stories giving reason for hope.

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