Press Release: NETZ e.V. is Childaid Network’s New Partner

For the sake of better education in South Asia, Königstein-based foundation Childaid Network and NETZ e.V. association from Wetzlar announce a deepened partnership. For over 25 years, NETZ specializes in developmental aid cooperation in Bangladesh, a country close to the project regions of Childaid Network.

The ‘network’ in Childaid Network is not just a filler word. Cooperating and teaming up with strong organizations and private persons in order to steadily improve the projects and their efficacy is one of its long-term goals. “NETZ does outstanding work to educate disadvantaged children in the most densely populated country in the world – similar to our project work. Throughout the last couple of years, we gave each other advice and discussed many topics, finding a common ground for our work. Now, we want to further deepen this partnership”, says Dr. Martin Kasper, honorary chairman of Childaid Network.

Another reason is the new ambitious project of NETZ: 40.000 Bangladeshi boys and girls in need shall gain sustainable access to good quality basic education. Due to NETZ’s great experience and the impact of their projects, the German ministry for development will subsidize the project with around 2.000.000€. Another 690.000€ are self-funded, of which Childaid Network will fund a share. Furthermore, Childaid Network will also be involved in the project work itself.

“Bangladesh’s enrolment rate in schools has greatly improved,” stresses NETZ chief executive Peter Dietzel. “But 2.6 million girls and boys are still without proper access to education.” Especially children with an underprivileged background are affected. In remote areas there are no well-trained teachers. School buildings sometimes do not even exist and classes are overcrowded. Teaching methods are limited to lectures and learning material by heart. “If children are not able to learn helpful things at school, parents prefer to send them to work,” explains Dietzel, describing his personal experiences in the villages.

NETZ’ new education project takes place in rural Northern Bangladesh, which shares its border with Assam, Childaid Network’s main area of activity. 33 common schools, built by the villages themselves, as well as 60 new village schools and 100 public schools exist in that area. The plan is to furnish the schools with better equipment, introduce a more children-centered pedagogy and establish preschools. Together with 3 central and local partner organization, the project will be implemented. Local NETZ employees are in charge of teacher training as well as of financial supervision. “The project is to become a role model for high quality education for children throughout Bangladesh. We hope that the government picks up these successful concepts and implements them on a wider scale”, envision Dietzel and Kasper.

This new concept for basic education enables NETZ and Childaid Network to deepen their subject-specific and financial cooperation. “Northern Bangladesh and North-East-India share many characteristics, we can really learn from each other. This way, our work for children will become even more effective,” Dr. Martin Kasper concludes.

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