Nepal Calling – Rebuilding projects in Nepal – News

Nepal Calling – News from our rebuilding projects in Nepal


To push on with our rebuilding projects in Nepal, chairman Dr. Martin Kasper travelled into the project region last week. We report on Facebook and on the website for all friends of Nepal and Children-of-Bhandar every now and then about the experiences and results of the journey.

Today: Friends, travel to Nepal – the country needs tourists

Today, as a start out: Friends, travel to Nepal. Paradisiac landscapes and many hospitable people await you. The people still suffer from the earthquakes devastating consequences – but not primarily so, because they cannot move back into their old homes, but because the tourists stay away. More than 1.000.000 expected tourists will not visit Nepal this year. I assure you, it is absolutely safe to travel here at the moment. Take a look at the pictures – isn’t it tempting? Travelling time at the moment is ideal – cool, but clear and dry.

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