Partners and Friends

Childaid Network is a network for children. The charity aspires to bring together a network of qualified partners for the benefit of children. This is not only a part of our name, it is our daily life. In our project regions we cooperate with strong partners, who are in close contact with the deprived peoples, know their needs, speak their languages, have excellent contacts and can implement our programs successfully. Cooperating with high-quality German organizations we try to bundle the best know-how and get the best resources to be able to help effectively and sustainably. Companies partner with us to provide budgets and resources – and in many cases they can also contribute with their knowledge and experience. Organizations like Round Table, Lions, Rotary or other foundations contribute budgets and sponsorships for projects as well as helping us to expand our network. Schools, church parishes, groups of friends or colleagues organize charity events. They are lots of fun and frequently generate large donations for the children in our programs. For all areas important to us we try to tie in a network of friends, consultants and experts to assist our efforts and make them successful. Many have become an integral part of our network in Germany or in the project regions and contribute their time, their expertise or their money. Thank you all!

The good performance of Childaid Network is the result of its great network of friends and partners. Many dedicated people and a large number of organizations, companies, schools, associations, foundations and churches have contributed to the success of Childaid Network. All of these deserve our thanks for helping us through their cooperation, advice and support.

Corporate partnerships bring us new contacts and publicity, and reduce our costs

From the beginning, entrepreneurs and corporate sponsors helped develop and finance our projects. They bring expertise, resources and networks to the table. Contributions in kind and advice from these partners help us keep our costs low.

Project partnerships strengthen our expertise and range

We ally ourselves with strong local partners to make our projects even more effective. Together, we solicit grants from the Federal Government and learn from each others‘ experiences. Above all, they help us manage the projects effectively. This is to the ultimate benefit of the people in our project regions.

Schools, associations, churches

High schools, elementary schools, Rotarians, Catholic and Protestant parishes have networked with us to more effectively help children. They usually choose a sponsorship project and collect donations through creative fundraising actions. Such campaigns as well as personal visits to the projects will deepen their knowledge and commitment. We will be happy to help in setting up an event or choose a sponsorship.

Network Konigsteiner Salon

The Koenigsteiner Salon is a platform for high-profile events featuring selected speakers and raising awareness among friends and partners. More than 20 well-attended events have created a great deal of welcome publicity. Over the years, the Koenigsteiner Salon has made an important contribution to Childaid Network.


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