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Leave some lasting impact and help disadvantaged children to a better life with a legacy

If this is your intention, then you can consider Childaid Network as heir or legatee in your will. Or you may make a substantial donation already now. Your legacy will help us to permanently in opening disadvantaged children access to education and thus enabling them to live with dignity and self-determination. Of course, you can select specific projects that are particularly close to your heart. Talk to us, and we will inform you about the different ways to set this up.

DSC_6822.2x1These girls impress us with self-confidence and competence – they were sent to school!

This is how you can favor Childaid Network in your will or with your personal property

In your will you can provide for Childaid Network to become your heir or one of your heirs. In such a case, we will assume certain rights and obligations and will ensure that your last will is implemented according to your wishes. We will consult an experienced professional in inheritance law who will support the correct processing. Under German law, as a nonprofit organization Childaid Network is exempt from inheritance tax. Therefore, the full value of the assets you bequeath Childaid Network will benefit the children in our projects.


A Legacy for Childaid Network

You may consider to favour Childaid Network with a specific part of your estate. Then it may be a good alternative to leave a legacy. With a legacy you can let Childaid Network benefit from individual assets, such as cash, securities, real estate or other assets. The heirs are legally required to comply with such a legacy.

A major donation for Childaid Network

Already now you can achieve a sustainable and lasting effect by making a major donation or by contributing new capital to the Childaid Network Foundation and then take a personal interest in the related project investments. We would be pleased to advise you and choose a project that matches your preferences.


People for Childaid Network

Although we are still a relatively young organization, ever more people find it important to consider Childaid Network in their will or to make a larger project donation. In this way they pass on their own values and their commitment to children to the next generation. Your legacy or your project sponsorship changes the life of many children in a positive and
sustainable way. For us this special commitment is a big vote of confidence, for which we are sincerely grateful.

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