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Intensive courses for school dropouts


Intensive courses offer a second chance for dropouts and late entrants

In our intensive course project, we give school dropouts or late entrants between 9 and 12, the opportunity to catch up on their basic education within a year. Through this it is possible for them to join regular schools. Our children should reach a level of grade 3 to 6 and achieve above average grades.

A tested and proven model that emphasizes quality and intensive support

Since 2011, we have run this project in Manipur, North East India and we have learned a lot. It is crucial that families and village communities are involved right from the beginning and that good premises to teach in and to accommodate the students are provided. Regular schools have to be advised so that the children can be subsequently admitted. In order to demonstrate the success of the project in addition to the regular exams, we carry out tests of their basic skills at the beginning and at the end of the school year.

In order to reach our goals, we employ qualified teachers and offer individual support  and tutoring for every child. One teacher currently has to supervise 12 children. During the year, the children can live on site in partner schools. Thereby, they are able to concentrate on the curriculum and receive proper meals.

Tamenglong, Poor Country in the Clouds

Tamenglong is one of the poorest districts in North East India. The mountainous region on the border to Myanmar is barely accessible. Also our project sites are only accessible on foot or by jeep. The daily life is characterized by this inaccessibility. Despite the fertile soil and the hot and humid climate which promotes growth almost everything is missing. The markets are scarce and only local, seasonal food supplied. The people live in simple bamboo huts and from their own subsistence produce. Education in this context is a luxury.

Project locations of the Intensive Courses in Manipur (Northeast India)

250 Euro
allow one child to go through the one year intensive course.


2017 Childaid Network supported:

Intensive courses



Out of these

have been re-enrolled to schools.

Comparable analysis show that 41% of class 6 students in India cannot read a class 2 text and 68% cannot do a division. With our intensive support we make sure that all children in our courses aquire the basic arithmetic and literacy skills.


 Participation of the communities

  Provision of class rooms

  Provision of accomodation

  Employment of qualified teachers

  Cooperation with regular schools