Bridge courses for minorities

Bridge courses where the state is not present

Refugees in the jungle on the border with Buthan, street children in the slums of the metropolises, child labourers in the coal belt of north-east India, they all have a right to education by law. But the state school system does not reach them. Where there are schools, there are no teachers and the quality of teaching is poor. Many children leave school early to work, especially where poverty is very high. Without education they and the following generations remain trapped in the vicious circle of poverty.

Education deficits must be made up

That is why we have been organising and supporting bridge courses for more than 10,000 young people for many years. They enable the children to learn important basic skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic. At the same time, we are working to encourage the state to fulfil its promise of education for all. We have joined forces with local organizations to jointly create the basis for a regular school day for these children.

Creating a basis for regular school attendance

Our aim is to prepare the children for entry into the state school system. In many places we have already been able to hand over responsibility to the government teachers. For many thousands of children and adolescents, this has enabled them to successfully enter the school system.
An intensive course preparing a child for entry into the school system costs € 100.


126 institutions
186 teacher
6.148 students
31.135 Relatives

Cynthia Dittmar

Cynthia Dittmar

Project coordinator

„In the megacity of Guwahati we were able to reduce the number of street children who do not go to school by half. More than 10,000 now go to school.“

In den 35 ärmsten Stadtteilen haben wir nun Brückenschulen eröffnet, in denen die Kinder auf den regulären Schulbetrieb vorbereitet und dafür motiviert werden.

Intensive courses for children who have never been to school

Some children have never entered a school or have left it at an early age. For these children we offer yearly intensive courses. In small learning groups they are intensively supervised and motivated to catch up on the material. 95% of these children succeed in making a lateral entry into the stately school system.

Evening schools for young people without basic education

Despite attending school, the basic education of many young people is poor. With our evening schools they get a second chance. Besides reading, writing and arithmetic, they learn a lot about hygiene, health and productive agriculture. Many of them develop into leaders in their village after attending school.

Tutoring centres for street children from the slums

In 45 neighbourhood centres, children from the slums of the Indian metropolis of Guwahati are being prepared for entry into the regular school system. 80 local institutions have committed themselves to helping. They provide rooms and personnel. This has already enabled us to take tens of thousands of children off the streets and integrate them into the schools.

Locations of our bridge courses

Expansion of project work in 2020

We want to give all children in our project areas the right to education. This will only succeed in partnership with the government, in cooperation with efficient partners and with innovative methods. Our focus in the next few years will be on developing efficient consortia in which experienced NGOs and strong consultants prepare the further scaling of the programmes.


  • 95% of the children can be integrated into the state school system
  • More than 10,000 children have been given access to education

With our bridge courses they too can receive a good education

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