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Take a look at our numbers: revenue, costs and use of funds

Growing steadily, while keeping costs low

  • In 2014 again, our revenues grew by more than 20%. In total they amounted to approximately € 1.34 million. Thank you for your trust and support.
  • During the last 7 years we have raised more than € 5 million in donations and revenues for our projects.
  • Our costs are very low. We spend only about 7 percent of revenues on administration, donor support and public relations.
  • The costs are covered, among others, through interest income, founder donations and income from commercial activities, so that we can direct your donation made via this site into the projects without any deduction.
  • Also, many supporters contribute in kind or donate their time and thus ensure that your donation can go entirely into the projects. To the greater part, our team works on a voluntary basis.

Investing effectively

  • In 2014, we were able to increase the funds invested in projects to over € 1 million.
  • The focus of our project expenditure is on school education, supplementing state-run educational activities.
  • With our projects more than 30,000 young people are reached directly.
  • We pay for the salaries of more than 700 teachers and social workers.

For more information, see the Information Center. We would be happy to send you detailed information. Please, write to [email protected]

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