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Charity gala at Circus Waldoni is a complete success


Dec 19


The guests of the charity gala at Circus Waldoni in Darmstadt were deeply moved. Seven young artists from the Darmstadt Circus Project reported on their voluntary work in Amguri. Around 1,500 refugee children are being taught and housed in the school, which has been expanded into a model project. With 130 students, the young Germans trained acrobatics and arts for two weeks.

An unusual project that inspires

Thanks to the volunteer video team, the guests were able to follow the wonderful circus show of the children in Amguri on the screen in the circus tent(here you can go directly to the film).

A project that inspires. The 150 guests present were also willing to donate. The project “Education for Refugee Children” with the Childaid Network has been active in the region since 2008, has been generously supported. With the proceeds of the evening, the school attendance for 3,400 children can be financed for another year!

100% for the project, thanks to the sponsors of the evening

A special thanks goes to the wonderful team of Circus Waldoni and to the main sponsor of the evening, the Frankfurter Teehaus Ronnefeldt. Thanks to this support, it is possible that the donations of the evening can flow into the project for 100. Many other companies and volunteers contributed to the success of the evening, for whom we would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much!

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