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Bhandar is one of the poorest regions of Nepal, many children can not go to school. Childaid Network helps in concrete terms, builds schools and operates a children’s home for orphans and half-orphans. With approaches to better nutrition, clear day routines, and plenty of time to play games, a significant part can be done to improve the lives of both small and large residents. Read more

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Child-friendliness is not what you associate with the filthy, crowded and dangerous city of Guwahati. The dangers especially hit the children of the slums, who are constantly exposed to diseases, hunger and lack of hygiene. With our partner Snehalaya, we have succeeded in halving the number of street children in recent years and providing them with the foundations for a career. Read more

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More than 5,000 children from the poorest backgrounds are to receive a good basic education. In the face of worsening political tensions, this is the best protection for the future. The first teens in our CARE program will now graduate from high school. We now offer you a professional qualification. Our goal is a well-educated generation of young people who can serve as role models in the future and demand the rights of the state for their villages and communities. Read more

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Many children in rural Assam have to work in the tea gardens during the day. They do not receive education. With our evening schools we start here and enable the children to catch up with their basic education. After three to four years, most of them are ready to free themselves from the vicious cycle of poverty on their own initiative and, for to qualify for craft trades. Read more

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