Child Rights

Children have rights. We help them to claim them.

Children have the right to a self-determined life in dignity. But the majority of children worldwide still do not have access to adequate nutrition, medical care, welfare, education and participation.

Worldwide we are failing to realize children’s rights

Since 1989 the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has been in force (in Germany it became law in 1992). The Convention has been transposed into national law by almost all governments. But in reality the situation of many children is still precarious today.

worldwide there are 152 Mio child workers
73 Mio. Children work under exploitative conditions
more than 250 Mio. Kinder worldwide do not have access to education

Sources: ILO (2019) and UNESCO World education report (2019)

South Asia – a social hotspot

Around 100 million people live in our project regions in South Asia, 50 percent of them school-age children. In the remote rural areas, most of the adults are illiterate. In some mountainous regions of our project areas, four out of ten children still die of preventable diseases before the age of five. With our projects we want to strengthen the children in their rights. They should learn which rights they are entitled to and when their rights are violated. Our aim is to develop the children’s self-confidence so that they are later able to claim their rights.

Our goal until 2022

 give 6.000 forgotten and disenfranchised children access to education. You can help us!

Our projects for child rights

A future for street children

A future for orphans

Child rights in rural areas

Help and protection for traumatised girls

Our projects promote children holistically

Children are our future. The entire work of the Childaid Network is focused on paving the way to a self-determined future for children in need. In doing so, we consider all facets of the Children’s Rights Charter.

  • Right to education
  • Right to play, leisure, rest
  • Right to family and parental care
  • Right to freedom of expression and to be heard
  • Right to equality
  • Right to health
  • Right to assistance in case of disability
  • Right to protection from exploitation and violence
  • Right to protection in war and on the run
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