Celebrate for Children in Need

Ein Geburtstag, ein Jubiläum, ein anderes Fest können Anlass sein, gleichzeitig etwas Gutes für Kinder zu tun. Bitten Sie doch Ihre Gäste statt Geschenke um einen Beitrag zur Bildung von Kindern.
Many people share their joy on festive occasions by helping children that need support.


Organize your own charity event

An occasion to celebrate can simultaneously become an opportunity to help. Support for Childaid Network is often generated with fundraisers on special occasions.

Donations instead of gifts

Too many of us, a bouquet of flowers, a neck tie, or a box of chocolates are not essential. However, the money spent on them can save lives. Instead of gifts, giving children access to education in one of the poorest regions of the world could be on your wish list. Ask your guests to make a gift by donating for children in need.

We would be happy to assist you in organizing a fundraiser. Please contact us!

There are numerous occasions that lend themselves to fundraising: birthdays, anniversaries weddings, first holy communion, confirmation, club events, summer parties, Christmas parties, Bar Mitzvas or other religious festivals.

It’s easy to organize

Donate using prefilled transfer forms
We will send you transfer forms to pass on to your guests. These carry a key word so that we can later inform you who the donors were and the total amount collected.

Make transfers using a key word
Already in the invitation to your party you can ask your guests to make a donation. Please agree the key word with us in advance so that overlaps can be avoided.

Collect cash
Put up a box or prepared envelopes to collect cash at your event. Send us the total amount and let us know whom we should send a donation receipt for tax deduction (including names and addresses).

Tax receipt

The German tax authorities have recognized Childaid Network as a tax-exempt charitable organization. If contact information is available we will send donors a donation receipt for tax deduction and a thank you note. However, it can also be arranged that the tax receipt for donations on the occasion of a birthday, wedding or anniversary goes to the celebrated person or couple. Please let us know in advance what you prefer.

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