Your Help for the Earthquake Victims in Nepal Has Arrived!

We write to you today out of gratitude:

The project of the children of Bhandar exists for more than 30 years. With great effect: In former times hardly any children went to school, today almost all are enrolled. However, when strong earthquakes in Nepal destroyed most of the schools in the project area in 2015, the success of many years of project work seemed jeopardized. You showed solidarity!

Reconstruction succeeded:

Your donation and the contributions of many, supplemented by funds from the BMZ, have made it possible to set signs of hope against the destruction by the forces of nature. Overall, we have now – despite many logistical and administrative difficulties – rebuilt the childrens house and nine large schools earthquake-proof. Before the cold season, the students in Bhandar from their makeshift schools have finally moved to the new buildings.

Beispiel für Wiederaufbau: Die Jalkali Schule in Tagam nach dem Erdbeben 2015...
Example for reconstruction: The Jalkali school in Tagam after the earthquake in 2015
...und im Oktober 2017.
…and in October 2017.

Equipment for good learning:

We are not quite done yet: we want to equip the schools well and create a pleasant learning environment by setting up playgrounds and libraries. The pupils of the Helene-Lange-School have biked for about 100,000 Euro sponsorship contributions in the fall. We have started investing in new school benches, books, first computers, learning games and climbing frames. About the progress of the projects you will always find news here on the webpage – or in the Newsletter.

Teacher training for school success:

Our activities in the project are now strongly focused on the quality of the schools: Unfortunately, most of the students in Bhandar do not graduate. Many even do not learn to read and divide properly when attending school regularly. This is mainly due to the lack of qualification and training of teachers. Because the classes are shrinking, they have to teach several years at the same time. For that they are not prepared. Our modular courses for teachers help to catch up. In groups of 25 teachers we train them in several stages. We train them in Montessori and multi-grade multi-level pedagogy. With social workers we accompany the parents, mobilize the school management committees and support the teachers in the implementation of what they have learned in school life.

Schülerinnen noch in der Behelfsschule in den Bergen
Pupils still in the makeshift school in the mountains
Svenja mit den Kinderhauskindern in Bhandar
Svenja with the Children’s house children in Bhandar

Vocational training for sustainable change:

As a further impulse for the development in Bhandar, we want to qualify 1,000 unemployed young people for employment in the next three years. We provide them with needs-based artisan courses and help them with basic equipment for starting their career. They should be able to earn income in Bhandar and not have to move abroad as an unskilled laborer. We have again requested support from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development for this project.

All this was made possible by a strengthened team on site and in our project coordination. Norbert Grobbel and Petra Shakya both speak Nepali, Winfried Romahn is an experienced pedagogical expert. Everyone loves the country, has built strong bonds with the people and, when traveling and doing what they do, strengthens the local organization involved in its implementation.

Naturally we will need partners, donations and support for all these projects and projects in the future as well. We are therefore happy if you stay connected with the children of Bhandar.

With best Regards
Martin Kasper

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