Scholarships for Children in Refugee Camps

Provide scholarships for children in refugee camps as a present

Are you already searching for Christmas presents for your loved ones or clients? Give something meaningful, such as an annual scholarship for refugee children in Assam, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to go to school.

In the rain forests, close to the borders of Bhutan, Santhali have settled after fleeing from Bodo-led pogroms. However, there exist no schools whatsoever, since settlement in the forests is officially prohibited. Government and administration know that – but do not bother to change something.

Reacting to the requests of tribe elders, we erected small refugee schools in the camps to ensure the children’s further education. Of course, this is no long-term solution. Either the Santhals are enabled and protected to return to their homes – that requires peace – or the government has to suspend the prohibition of settlement and invest in official schools, health care and other infrastructure.

We want to support 5.000 more children. In order to enable one child to go to a refugee school for one year, merely 25€ suffice. Why not sponsor one or two of them? Or give a sponsorship as a present to your family, friends, customers or clients. We would be more than happy to issue personal certificates for that purpose.

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