Campaign ‚Picture The Future‘ successfully launced

Fundraising campaign successfully launched with the help of Accenture and Amazon Web Services for the education of children-in-need

Amusing, exciting, helpful: Upload a picture, determine a fundraising target and animate friends and colleagues to donate. Childaid Network, Accenture and Amazon Web Services came together to support a great cause. Celebrating ten successful years, the NGO from Königstein/Germany, the leading consulting firm Accenture and the leading digital merchant Amazon have developed an innovative digital donation platform, which has been successfully launched this week. „Picture-the-Future“, „Your image will change their lives“ is a fun photo challenge, which is not only amusing, but was also designed to lift 10,000 young people out of poverty.

From an idea…

With high dedication technology experts, who otherwise forge digital platforms for large international corporations, have built the solution for this campaign in their spare time. Inspired by Jack Ramsay, Global Head of Delivery, Accenture Digital, and Dr. Martin Kasper, Founder and President of Childaid Network, also a former Managing Partner of Accenture, the platform „Picture-the-Future“ has been created.

…to a digital fundraising campaign

Participants are asked to upload a funny, exciting or embarrassing photo of themselves onto where it is automatically pixelated. Using social channels, they then mobilize their networks to donate up to a self-imposed donation goal. As soon as the curiosity of their community is aroused and the self-imposed donation goal is reached, the image becomes visible. Because it is fun, friends, neighbors, relatives and colleagues are mobilized to participate in the challenge.

Lifting 10.000 young people out of poverty

Das Spendenziel von einer Million Euro für die Kampagne Picture-the-Future soll das Leben von weiteren 10.000 Kindern nachhaltig verändern. In den ersten Tagen haben bereits mehrere tausend Menschen teilgenommen, um das Ziel zu erreichen. Childaid Network investiert die The donation target of the campaign of one million Euros is meant to change the lives of 10,000 children sustainably. During the first few days, several thousand people have already taken part in the program and helped to bring it to a good start.
Without deductions Childaid Network will invest the donations into the education of young people in South Asia who otherwise cannot go to school. 25 Euros are sufficient to support one year of education for a child. 100 Euros cover the cost for the basic vocational training of an unemployed youth, thus providing him or her with access to income. Education is the best investment into a self-determined future. Life-spans are significantly extended, child mortality is reduced and life income measurably increases. During the last 10 years, Childaid Network has therefore already provided more than 100,000 young people with education and thus taken them out of poverty.

Celebrities and world-class athletes are committed to the cause

Childaid Network’s reliable, successful project work has motivated many public figures worldwide to promote the campaign in their own networks. In Germany, WDR TV host Shary Reeves accepted the patronage of the campaign. The world champion of mental magic, Nicolai Friedrich, uses his talent as an active supporter of the organization. Hawaii Ironman Champion Normann Stadler, will symbolically bring the collected donations by bicycle to the remote mountain villages in Nepal. All ambassadors are mobilizing their networks for Childaid Network and hope that “Picture-the-Future” will be a great success.

Networked to be successful

In his position, Jack Ramsay is responsible for more than 40,000 employees at Accenture Digital. He personally visited Childaid Network’s street children projects with his daughter Anna. „I’ve seen how little it takes to change the lives of children. For me and my family, it is a major concern that this campaign is successful.” His dedication has inspired many others. Many executives from Accenture, Amazon, and other companies have kicked off the launch of the campaign this week. „We are delighted to have been able to mobilize large networks for our projects over the last 10 years, and we hope that this special campaign in our anniversary year will help us take many more children out of poverty,“ says Dr. Martin Kasper.

Innovation for the good cause

The platform combines the technological expertise of Accenture Digital and Amazon Web Services into a digital solution that sets innovative standards in many respects. To ensure the fun of participation, all processes from registration to upload, sharing and payments have been implemented on a very user-friendly basis. The social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are linked in by widgets to enable the participants to disseminate the fundraising campaign into their own network with a simple click. People can donate in their own currency, using credit cards, PayPal or direct money transfer. In many countries of the world, donation receipts for the tax authorities can be issued. Using its cloud technology, Amazon Web Services ensures that the platform can withstand a viral onslaught. The campaign results are made immediately transparent to the participants, hoping this contributes to the further dissemination.

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